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A place where you receive more than just treatment for pain or rehabilitation… 

Welcome to Cadence Physio

At Cadence Physio we provide excellence in physiotherapy services, promoting active recovery through hands on manipulative treatment and clinical exercise prescription.

It is our aim to promote, restore and renew the balance, rhythm and flow in your life. We have a wholistic approach, focused on the physical body as well as the core and overall wellness of the whole person as a contribution to feeling physically well, strong and healthy.

It is our goal to bring joy and fill you with an optimistic reality toward your health and wellness outcomes through providing specialist physiotherapy care and advice.

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Professional Physiotherapists who care more about who you become, than purely being focused on how your injury gets better.

We’re Committed To You

With over 35 years of industry experience combined, our team is passionate about physiotherapy, as well as the health and wellness of the wider community. Specialising in sports physiotherapy, accident recovery, pilates workouts and strength training, we are committed to ongoing professional development and industry specific training, so that you can experience the best service possible.

Partners in Health

We take care to focus on building ongoing relationships with our clients in a healthy and professional manner, so that we can create a community that can engage on multiple levels. We cross the border between consultant and partner for the sake of your experience with us and your future of health and wellness. We partner with you during your treatment and rehabilitation promoting future health and wellness.

Balance Is Key

By promoting a healthy balance between evidence-based practice (the science), and the experience of our staff (the art), we aim to achieve positive health outcomes and self-management strategies. Enjoy direct biomechanical assessment and hands on treatment.

A Professional Approach

Our staff’s knowledge and experience covers a variety of different speciality focus areas including: Orthopaedics, Athletic Recovery, Dance Physiotherapy, Pilates, Sports, Accident Recovery, Strength Training, and Biomechanical movement patterns. We also specialize in Pre/Post Natal, Women’s Health and Rehabilitation. Come and experience a practice that has the most up-to-date clinical needs, reflecting the quality of care you’ll receive.

Each Of Us Have…

3650 DaysIn Each Year
240 HoursIn Each Day
600 MinutesIn Each Hour
600 SecondsIn Each Minute

We Aim To Partner With You To Help Make Them Count.

Our strengths - what we do best
The Cadence Physio Philosophy
Cadence physiotherapy believes in community

We believe in being local and we have strong relations with the Adelaide Physiotherapist community. We believe in being engaged in and giving back to our local community. We also believe in generosity and bringing joy to others in our workplace and community.

Proactive physiotherapy treatment models

Hands on treatment with the combination of specialised, corrective rehabilitation exercises. We believe that you should feel better, have your pain reduced, feel relieved and be empowered to take control of your situation through increased knowledge, self-management strategies and proactive, rather than reactive, treatment models.

Passionate about helping you succeed

Specialised biomechanical assessments, hands on treatment and self driven exercise programs that will be a part of every session at Cadence Physiotherapy. We are passionate about helping you achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle through exercise, goal setting and in doing so, empowering you to be your best.

Meet our Team

  • Jon Joyce | Senior Physiotherapist
    Jon Joyce | Senior Physiotherapist
  • Rebecca Gigney | Senior Physiotherapist
    Rebecca Gigney | Senior Physiotherapist
  • Maria Hendy | Senior Physiotherapist
    Maria Hendy | Senior Physiotherapist
  • Erin Pregarc | Physiotherapist
    Erin Pregarc | Physiotherapist
  • Brittany Guglielmo | Physiotherapist
    Brittany Guglielmo | Physiotherapist
  • Melissa McLay | Physiotherapist
    Melissa McLay | Physiotherapist
  • Gemma Varricchio | Physiotherapist
    Gemma Varricchio | Physiotherapist
  • Talia Cornelius | Systems and Design Lead
    Talia Cornelius | Systems and Design Lead
  • Alex Caruso | Administration
    Alex Caruso | Administration

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